We hear this so often in recovery. The thing is there are very few addicts that I have met that are not at the root, a perfectionist. We are so scared of failing that we won’t even take one step without the assurance it will be perfect. I have been sober for a few years now and I continue to struggle with thinking things have to be perfect before even starting. Even in the every day things. I can’t start this workout program unless I can commit to doing it every day, have the perfect work out clothes, tennis shoes, scheduled time, music, etc. When in reality Nike has it right we need to “Just Do It.”. Whatever that is for you.

Just starting can be scary enough, on anything. Then we put these unrealistic expectations on ourselves that it needs to be perfect and we have ourselves failing before we even start. It is scary to put ourselves out there. Believe me I know. Here I am sharing my experiences, words and thoughts with you. I was in such paralysis in doing this because I felt I needed every word had to be perfect, every video I made had to be perfect and the reality is there in more beauty in the flaws that may occur. There is more vulnerability in the face we put forward in the trueness in who we are. When we are vulnerable, we show our beauty and our strength.

How do we do this? Just start? Yep, easier said than done. Well, I have found I need to feel the fear of it, breathe and do it anyway. What better expression of who we are than just starting those things you have been putting off waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect word, the perfect tool, the perfect scenario. If we wait for the perfection in it all we will miss the moments in life that strengthen us, that bring us joy, that make us who we are. You are the wonderful, resourceful, courageous person that has overcome so much in your life. You are the narrator of your story, the heroine in your film, the love of your life. Just put one word on a page, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. All it takes is movement, one moment at a time for progress. In that there is perfection, perfection in the beauty of you!

Get more done in less time so you can focus on what you love as a busy mom in business! 

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