10930092_672845646153357_2687121392540348368_nA little about me

I am a person who has a strong desire to empower women to find love within themselves. The drive to do this started at a young age for me and with life experiences the universe has shown me that this is what I am meant to do. Through highs and lows in my own life I am able to share support and a loving, compassionate openness to help you get more of what you want in life. I am an addict. Alcohol? Yes. Drugs? Yes. Pleasing other people? Oh yes. Food? Of course. I have been in recovery for over 12 years now from alcohol and drugs. But food, that is a hard one. Who am I kidding? None of it is easy but food?!? I still need to eat it to live so I can’t just quit it completely. I can use it to stuff my feelings, when I am bored, to celebrate, and more. I hide my eating and know that this behavior keeps the food addiction alive. I am a work in progress and while I have learned to love myself and find healthy ways to look at food, it can be a struggle.

Always looking for a way to fill the voids in my life I have come to the realization that the only way to fill them is through and within me. I have been honored enough to have learned different tools to help me not only survive but thrive in my life and I look forward to sharing these tools with you.

I had the opportunity to learn through the Coach U program, as well as the Institute of Integrated Nutrition program, where I learned over 100s of dietary theories, as well as a deeper sense of cultivating the whole self through mind, body and spirit.

I have learned that accepting who I am exactly as I am is the most important part in any part of being happy and working through any addiction.

I am married to an incredibly supportive husband, Cory, and we love to spend time with our fur babies. I truly enjoy reading, spending time in nature, walking, traveling, and just recently began photographing some pretty amazing scenes.

Life is all about the experiences we encounter and how we come out on the other side. I would love the opportunity to help you grow all of the incredible possibilities in your life. What you feed your body and soul plays such an intricate part in your enjoyment of life. Whether in the food you eat or the way you talk to yourself, change starts with just the thought that you want something different than what you already have.

Let’s figure out together a wholesome way to fill your life with authentic love, incredible energy and true happiness.