Today’s episode is all about the desire you may have to run away and isolate yourself from the people and problems that pop up in life.  There are many motivations behind wanting to hide. Navigating these can be challenging, especially for people who are in recovery.

In this episode Martha speaks about:

  • Using alcohol and drugs to hide from your problems
  • The importance of being there for yourself, so you can be there for others
  • The unhealthy cycle that is made when avoiding problems
  • Dealing with the aftermath of hiding from your problems for too long
  • Getting back to the healthy ways you can take care of yourself
  • Living in fear of the future means you might not be taking care of yourself today
  • Breaks frustrations down into smaller, more manageable situations
  • Surrounding yourself with your tribe of people who love and support you
  • Gaining back the friends you may have lost while hiding in your addictions
  • Appreciating the support system that you have in your life

When you’re hiding and isolating from others, we are robbing ourselves from our own growth.  What might you be missing out on when isolating yourself?

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