FULL Episode 05 – will i be trusted again?

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Finally Unleash Love and Life Podcast with Martha Brown.  Learn to find clarity about what you truly want, and live the life you want to. Today’s episode is all about trust and how to build that trust back up after hurting people with your addiction. The chaos that comes with the web of lies is terribly hard to control. You become someone who can no longer be counted on, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work to earn that trust back as someone who is reliable and honest. Things don’t have to be perfect. People just want to see that you are trying!

In this episode Martha speaks about:

  • Building up an unstoppable web of lies due to your addiction
  • Why addicts lie automatically
  • Just what it means to be there for someone as a reliable shoulder
  • Pushing everything further away to dive further into your addiction
  • Taking the addiction out of the picture does not mean the trust comes back
  • Showing people that you can be reliable again through your actions
  • Why it is so hard to trust once trust has been broken
  • What people want to see from you in order to trust you again
  • The people that are meant to be in your life are worth the work

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