FULL Episode 06 – should i share my story?

Today in the studio, Martha is going to talk about whether or not you should share your story. What you share, who you share it with, and why you share it, these are all personal decisions. It is really up to you. Keep in mind that sharing your story can help others learn about their own lives and beating their own addictions. There are plenty of good reasons to share or not share stories or even details of stories, but getting it out to the world may save someone else’s life. Don’t be afraid to let the world know that you are a person!

In this episode Martha speaks about:

  • Getting past all the negative stereotypes that surround addicts
  • Finding your bottom to start heading towards your peak
  • Why it’s so hard for people to understand addiction from the outside
  • Feelings that addicts experience that stop them from getting the help that they need
  • Who can benefit from you sharing your story
  • Realizing that you are not the lone ranger that is going through this fight
  • Facing the difficult challenges that come your way in sobriety
  • Knowing what to tell and who to tell it to
  • Reasons people do not tell their stories

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