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Giving Yourself Grace

Giving Yourself Grace

   What exactly does this mean? When one typically thinks of grace, I think it can bring up two different mental images. One being a picture of a ballerina moving beautifully, elegantly, and flawlessly and as if they are lighter than air. The other is simply a...

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Will I Be Trusted Again?

Will I Be Trusted Again?

Wow! Trust…always a hard topic among addicts and alcoholics, as well as, their loved ones. As addicts most of us have lied to others, avoided people we don’t want to face, broken promises, and have built shame around what we did in our active addictions. Lies build on...

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Progress not Perfection

Progress not Perfection

We hear this so often in recovery. The thing is there are very few addicts that I have met that are not at the root, a perfectionist. We are so scared of failing that we won’t even take one step without the assurance it will be perfect. I have been sober for a few...

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In working with Martha I have learned ways to actually take care of myself. Being a mom, wife and teacher I was so used to putting everyone’s needs before my own. Through her tools, patience, understanding and insight I am now able to better care for the people in my life because I am taking better care of myself. She is an amazing part of my life and am truly grateful for her!
Mary W.


Where do I start? My life was a mess and I knew something had to change. I found Martha and am so glad I did. She has helped me find balance in my life through a huge transition. I never felt judged and she is such a great listener I felt I could really open up. I could not be happier at this point in my life. She has helped me to feel empowered and love myself.
Stephanie T.

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