My Mission

My mission is to help women in recovery to feel confident in their sobriety in tackling all of life’s stressors. Women supporting other women in sharing their stories of recovery and taking care of themselves with love and positivity.

My Values


  • Self love
  • Being kind to others
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Honesty
  • Hard work
  • Self care

My Methods


  • Coaching one on one with clients
  • Group programs
  • Day by Day with Martha membership club

My Goals


My goals are to help women feel supported in navigating stressful situations in their recovery. As well as, guiding them in achieving their dreams and goals in life, whether it be, career, relationships, and/or health goals. 

Day by Day with Martha


Join our Day by Day membership for exclusive access to content, support, webinars, community, and more!

Come be a part of the membership that will help you to grow!

Group Programs


Our group programs are perfect if there is a specific area you are looking to improve upon.

You’ll receive accountability, guidance, and community in reaching your goals during your program!

One-On-One Coaching


One-on-one coaching is perfect if you are looking for individualized attention and a deeper level of accountability.

You can choose your frequency and focus based on your own personal needs.