Finally Unleashing Life and Love Podcast was created to empower women in recovery to evolve into more positive and stronger versions of themselves. It is designed to help women live an incredible sober lifestyle by learning about self care, healthy relationships, navigating stressful situations and supporting each other.

Each weekly podcast episode will bring stories, guests and/or action steps for the listeners to move forward in confidence and grace within recovery to be able to live the FULL life they were meant to live.

Today Martha is going to talk about what recovery really means. The dictionary defines recovery as returning to a “normal” state, but there is so much more to it than that.

Today Martha talks about some of the struggles that occur when going through recovery as a former addict.   Stay tuned for assurance that you are not alone in these struggles!

Today Martha is going to share her personal story in order to help people realize that addicts people to avoid. There is more to their story than just the drugs and the booze. 

Today’s episode is all about the desire you may have to run away and isolate yourself from the people and problems that pop up in life.  There are many motivations behind wanting to hide. 

Today’s episode is all about trust and how to build that trust back up after hurting people with your addiction. The chaos that comes with the web of lies is terribly hard to control. 

Today in the studio, Martha is going to talk about whether or not you should share your story. What you share, who you share it with, and why you share it, these are all personal decisions.