Work with Us

Work With Us

You have the power to change the world.

Do you want to work with outstanding products, gain the support that you’ll receive by being on our team, and earn residual income while making the world a happier, healthier place? You can! Join our team to bring your dreams to life.

“I dream of a world free from pain and suffering. I dream of a world free from disease. Share my vision. Love life, and live it to its fullest in happiness and health.”

– Dr. Myron Wentz, founder of Sanoviv and USANA

Want to make a difference with the freedom of working anywhere, anytime?

You can! I am so excited about this new opportunity that I can’t wait to tell you all the details!  We’ve partnered up with an outstanding team who will offer all of us new exciting opportunities.

Why go with the company with the highest rated supplements in the world?

After my recent Health and Education Retreat at Sanoviv in Mexico–created by Dr. Myron Wentz who is also the founder of this company–I decided to join up with them. It was a truly life changing experience and I really wanted to share it with you (read my blog post about it here). It’s that health coach thing – when we find something that works for us – we want to share it so you can benefit too. This company’s very heart, purpose, science and opportunities align with our company’s values and mission.

No franchise fees, buying inventory, or even needing an office building.

You don’t NEED to have “parties”, but you can if you want. You don’t NEED to push this on anyone. We’re going to show you how to get them to come to you, REGULARLY!

This is what you need to do:

  • Use the products, so you appreciate them and know what you’ve got. You’re your best customer.
  • Consistently schedule time to work on your business:
    • 30 minutes a day on business development
    • 15-30 minutes a day of administration
    • Collaborate with other team members. (This will move you along faster.)
    • Use our system to create consistent and repetitive efforts.
    • Set up a home office.
    • Get a business checking account. (You’ll have deposits.)
    • Phone system (We’ll help you with that.)
    • E-mail (You’ll get one.)

As part of our core team, you'll get:

  • A large network for collaboration and growth – 1000’s of Health Coaches and other health field professionals
  • Programs with products built in
  • Sales pages for your websites
  • Sales strategies – original to the marketplace and “non-salesy”, people will come to you!
  • Help and resources to build your team
  • Coaching and mentoring (business strategy, sales, marketing)
  • Travel and educational opportunities (with certification opportunities)
  • Strong masterminds
  • DSD website (3 months)
  • Office procedures
  • Our team – me, Karen, Amanda, Ryan, Laura, Marie, Patti Rugg (trainer and USANA expert) , Dr. Peter Rugg, USANA expert and member of their Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • The business team – Scientists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Biologists, Marketing – even Dr. Oz and other celebrities and athletes
  • E-mail address
  • Personal and on demand training and coaching

Business Builders will also receive:

  • Building Abundance (12 Week Business Planning Course)  Value $2497
  • Online Marketing Mastery (4 Weeks of Study and Implementation of my Exact Online Marketing System) Value $1497
  • My Social Media Strategy Playbook (Learn the Winning Principles of Online Social Presence and Grow Your Own Community) Value $597
  • Inner Circle Membership and Stock the Shelves – Programs developed with your products built in Value $897

There are 3 levels of growth:

1. Preferred Customer

Purchase products for yourself with a Preferred Customer discount

2. Distributor

Provide quality products to your clients. (who are Preferred Customers)

3. Business Builder

We’ll invest in you to build strong residual income to give you wealth and freedom

My Story:

After working as an interior designer for 34 years, I (like many coaches) went on a personal journey toward health in 2008-2010 – where I ended up giving up gluten, sugar, processed foods, all dairy and – while I was at it – meat. I studied and researched and ended up going to school at IIN – to learn.  It wasn’t ever my intention to become a health coach. It WAS becoming important to me to make a difference in the world and have some location independence my other business didn’t allow. In 2011 in New York – I met thousands of health coaches who had paid for this expensive education and were totally immersed and devoted to it – and weren’t working. Although their heart was in the right place – they just didn’t have the experience or business knowledge. It was like a light bulb – I could help these coaches.

Cathy Sykora
The Health Coach Group

I then went about educating myself in the ways of online marketing and business systems.  My first advertisement for health coaches got me 238 applicants – wow, I wasn’t ready to give that many people jobs – I could help a few – but I decided the best way I could help was to give you tools and education.  That’s what I did and here we are. We have the largest network of health coaches in the world. Last year we had a Health Mastery event and had Kris Carr and Gabby Bernstein speak to us.  We’ve come a long way in a very short time. There are now famous people who come to me for the exposure we can provide with our large community. The thing is, I’ve never been alone.  One of the most powerful strengths and the reason for our unprecedented growth is my team.  I have one of the greatest teams in the world.  Customer service, product development, product specialists, business coaches, graphic designers, web developers and administration – we all care.  We all want to do what Dr. Wentz does, we want to make the world a better place.  We do this every day by making health coaches stronger and more successful in your business so you can help others.  We care.

I’m where I want to be now. I have total freedom, of location as well as what I do every day. I get up in the morning and look forward to my day. I am grateful because I’m aware that not everyone has that feeling. I also make a nice income from the work I do.

You can do this too. We spend every day making this happen for Health Coaches.

Our Team…

The Health Coach Group

Cathy Sykora

I’ll personally be working with you to get products set up these programs into your business in a way that you maintain the values and mission of your business.  We don’t want to turn you into a cookie cutter sales company. You have a unique mission to bring health and wellness to the world.  I’ll work with you to make your business, better, stronger and reach more people with a viable business plan. I’ll teach you my exact system I set up and used to gain almost 100,000 followers through my list and on Facebook. In addition to all that, my programs and technology platform with your new products will be set up and ready for you.  I’ll be sharing my team to get you up and going and making money.

Dr. Peter and Patti Rugg

Dr. Peter and Patti Rugg

Dr. Peter Rugg is a practicing Medical, Board Certified Medical Doctor in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine as well as on the Scientific Board of Advisors for USANA Health Sciences.

Patti Rugg is a practicing Certified Health Coach, and USANA Product, Training and Compensation expert.  Patti is a great listener and problem solver.

Patti and Peter both work with our team to help train, support and guide.  We’re lucky to have them on our team.

The Health Coach Group

The Health Coach Group

From coaching to web development, program development, educational, technical and graphic support, our team cares.  Many of us are health coaches ourselves and we know what you’re dealing with day to day. You’ve never seen such a team with the same desire to help you – as you have to bring health to the world. Marie, Karen, Shianne, Cathy, Nathalie and Olivier, Amanda and Ashlie – We’re all here to do whatever we can to help.

The Health Coach Group

Health Coaches, Nurses, Nutritionists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers. Our distributor team is very special.  We all share a burning desire to help people become healthy. We all have bring own gifts and talents to our team and we share them and help each other prosper. Speakers, webinar experts, teachers, sales professionals, business coaches…we already have such a diverse team masterminding and helping each other build.

Join Our Incredible Team!

There’s just not another opportunity like this out there for anyone in any company, that offers residual income streams like this. We’re in a unique position, with technology, programs, educational courses and team that can offer you what you need to create an online business that thrives with professionalism, heart and value. I’m opening up the lid to my treasure chest to everyone who joins our team. You will have the foundation, tools, technology, knowledge, products and plan to get started in this business, enhance and support your existing business as quickly as humanly possible and reach new levels at record time. Take this step forward in your business career and I will guarantee you a team that stands with you as you create abundance in your life and the lives of others.  ~Cathy


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Learn more about this opportunity here.  We’ll tell you all about it.


You’ll receive…

An Online Business

Designed, Sealed and Delivered®, e-commerce, website  (3 months free), ready-to-use sales pages for our programs and products, all set up for you.

Support and Resources

A large network for collaboration and growth, sales strategies and resources to build your team

Educational Opportunities

Incredible travel and educational opportunities to treat yourself for all your hard work (and certification opportunities)

Educational Courses

Business Builders only – learn a wealth of knowledge with Building Abundance (12 Week Business Planning Course) and Online Marketing Mastery

Stock The Shelves

Business Builders Only

Stock the Shelves with the Inner Circle Membership

A bundle of 8+ programs for health coaches who want to spend more time doing what they love (coaching!) and less time worrying about the tediousness of creating their own coaching programs. With the Inner Circle Membership option, you’ll receive step-by-step business coaching, guidance, resources, and support to help you build a successful business.

Why Stock the Shelves?

Worth of Online Courses Were Purchased In 2014

This industry is booming, and it isn’t slowing down. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projects the e-learning industry to reach $107 Billion in 2015.

Start Producing Income Next Week

Once loaded into your site, these programs are ready-to-use without any hassle. You can have 1-8+ of these programs up and running and producing income next week.

Average Earning Per Client, Per Month

In a 2012 study by the International Coach Federation, coaches were making an average of $498/client per month based on the model of four 30-minute sessions per month.

How It Works


1. Install Our Programs

We’ll “stock the shelves” of your website’s virtual store where they’ll be ready to use by you and your clients.

2. Start Coaching

You’re all set to do what you lovestart coaching! Run group programs or work with clients one-on-one.

3. Grow Your Business

Now you can spend more time in your area of expertise and  grow your income and client base.

Stock the Shelves

Lifetime access to 8+ client/coach programs to get your business on its feet, start coaching and producing income, and help clients live healthier lives.


8+ Ready-to-Use Programs

  • Corporate Wellness (new!)
  • 12 Day Detox
  • 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse
  • Slim, Sexy & Smart
  • 3-6-9-12 Months to Great Health
    • 3 Months to Great Health
    • 6 Months to Great Health
    • 9 Months to Great Health
    • 12 Months to Great Health
  • Healthy Holidays
  • Supplemental Modules
  • 12 Week Life Change (coming soon!)

Inner Circle Membership

A subscription-based membership that grants you access to a 12 week business course, weekly webinars, all program updates and new releases, and more.

Business Resources

  • Building Abundance – 12 Week Business Course
  • Mentoring Mondays – Weekly group webinars with experts
  • Done-for-you opt-in giveaways to build your list
  • Blog content you can customize for your own audience
  • Membership to a Coaches Mastermind Group
  • Blogging Groups for accountability, learning and support
  • Collaborative Recipe Book to hand out to your clients
  • How-To for health coaches
  • Special affiliate opportunities
  • All new programs released during the year of your membership
  • Ad copy that helps you to promote your 6 month program
  • Friendly contracts and forms

Mentoring Mondays

Every Monday at 12:00 CST there is an interactive webinar for Inner Circle Members to help you to utilize all the programs and tools.  We have technical and marketing tutorials as well as interviews and Q&A sessions.

All Program Updates and New Releases

We are always adding and adjusting programs to fit your needs. The Inner Circle membership grants you access to any and all program updates and new releases during your membership at no additional cost.


How-to for Health Coaches

The purpose of the tutorials are to teach you simple steps to bring your business to new heights.  You can hire people to do these things for you or you can do them yourself. You will need a web hosting site and woo-commerce. Including tutorials for: Setting up a WordPress website, Setting up e-commerce, Setting up an affiliate program

Blog Articles

Articles for blogs may be used.  You can change them, add to them, subtract from them.  Just don’t post it as is and say you wrote it.  They are ready to be copied and pasted into a blog or newsletter.  Just add pictures and go!



You can save 50% on our premium Designed, Sealed and Delivered package! We also offer our Physician Health Coach Weight Loss program to Inner Circle members at a discounted price.

Health Coach Registry

We developed a health coach registry that introduces coaches to clients in a more personal way. Be a part of the Health Coach Group’s amazing list of coaches, giving great value to their worthy clients. Start today!

Program Rules


Stock the Shelves gives you a lifetime access license to use these  programs.  They must be used for one-on-one or group health coaching – it is not for resale to other health coaches. Purchase of one year of the Inner Circle gives you free updates during your membership.  If you decide not to renew after the first year, be sure to download your Inner Circle materials before you cancel. The programs are all digital. They will be ready for download immediately. You will not receive a printed, hard copy book in the mail. It can be printed at your local printer or by you on your printer, or, you may purchase a hard copy from us- after you have purchased the digital copy.  It is beautiful when printed. Your Inner Circle membership auto-renews in one year.  You will receive a reminder so you can either update your card information or cancel.


You should send one module at a time to your client.  You may choose to do this by:  printing and handing a module for the next session, emailing either manually or with a scheduled auto-responder or through a membership program like the one we use to distribute your products.  (The second two options save paper). Supplemental Modules:  These should be added as you feel they are ready.  If you have a client who is trying to eat one of 3 meals at home – and still eats fast food for the other two…they will not be ready for the advanced nutrition for a while.  If you have someone who eats a healthy diet and is working on including more superfoods – you will want to introduce them to advanced nutrition immediately. Our Technical Platform (addl) Designed, Sealed and Delivered® (DSD) will send emails and provides health coaches with a membership site to deliver programs.  This is 50% off for Inner Circle Members.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


You may edit the material in the programs.  The requirements are that you notate your changes and leave the copyright. You may not delete the copyright on any programs. Editing can be done on a Mac or Windows. You may edit the program yourself.  We recommend that you edit in Microsoft Office PowerPoint for best results. You may edit the programs in PDF with the newest Adobe Acrobat Program, if you do not have this, it may be available as a 30 day trial from Adobe. It is easiest to split out the sessions for client delivery with a pdf and extract feature. You may choose to have us customize with logo and/or color in the store. There is a tutorial on editing from Ashlie in the Inner Circle Area (you must be logged in and in “My Products” to access) and in “files” in the Facebook Inner Circle Group. You will want to send one section at a time to your client.  To do this, after editing, you should turn it into a pdf and then extract the pages you want. IF you are not a techie…or even proficient with software, you can still have us customize at any time after the purchase…or you can learn from tutorials supplied by outside sources.  Either google or use

Retail Pricing

We do not have a retail price plan. You should price your program with a base value + your costs + your profit.  In the costs, you should include the time you spend with your client as well as the time that you spend preparing for your client.  This program should help to cut down on the latter.  If you are selling a 6 month program, you may just want to figure up how many times you meet x’s your hourly rate.  If your rate is $125 and you meet 12 times, then a good cost for your time would be $1500.00.  If you have additional give-aways that total $300.00 then your total price for a 6 month program might be $1800.00.  However – your 12 day detox may be a “loss leader” to pull in new 6 month clients.  In that case, there have been several health coaches who have done real well with a $99 introductory price point.  (Self guided and one 15 minute meeting to move up to a 6 month program).

Designed, Sealed & Delivered®

Website, membership platform, and program delivery

  • Pre-loaded Coach-Client Programs
  • Pre-loaded emails to clients
  • E-commerce (set up for you)
  • Technical support
  • Membership site
  • Calendar
  • Optional recipes
  • Blog
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • SEO
  • Ready-to-use sales pages
  • Branding guide
  • Webinars
  • Virtual assistance option for branding

Sales Pages with Product Integration

Business Builders Only

Building Abundance: The Business Plan for Health Coaches

An interactive 12 week business course for health coaches that will take you from dreams to design to build your own thriving health coach practice step-by-step.

Create a Business Plan in 12 Weeks that you can take to the bank.


Easy access to course modules through a weekly email and/or easy download in the Facebook group.

  • Facebook mastermind group
  • Step-by-step business plan
  • Easy module access
  • Color coded sessions for ease of use
  • Socratic method for learning – worksheets/activities for “aha” moments

Bonus Modules

6 bonus modules covering extra tips and tricks

  • Time Management
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Your Office at Home
  • Correspondence
  • Resources

Training Modules

These 13 training modules cover everything from budgeting, websites, branding, marketing, and more!



  • 13 Training Modules
    • Building Knowledge – Business Ownership & Choosing Your Niche
    • Building Infrastructure – Market Research & Forming Your Foundation
    • Building Budget – Making a Plan and Profit & Loss
    • Building Products – Passive & Active Income, Affiliates
    • Building a Website – Creating a Logo, Sitemaps, Content, Copywriting
    • Building a Website – Copyrights, Layout, User Testing
    • Building Buzz – Marketing, Branding, Ideal Client, Advertising, Social Media, Content
    • Building Clients – Sales Philosophy, Needs + Features = Benefits, Elevator Pitch
    • Building Clients – Partnering Up, Growing Your Business through Partnerships
    • Building Systems – Define Your Business Skills, Creating Loyal Clients, Client Experience, Exceptions
    • Building Blueprints – Creating Your Business Plan,
    • Building Community – Giving Back

Business Builders Only

Create a Money Making Machine

An intensive 4 week marketing course for health coaches that guides you through creating a sales funnel from beginning to end.

We’ll cover steps to build your list using social media, optins, and more and then learn nurture your list to bring in sales.

This course was designed to get your business moving and getting new customers on a continual basis.

You will receive:

  • the secrets of my successful marketing system
  • networking from peers and mentors
  • confidence to create a business that is sustainable
  • how to’s, what to’s and when to’s
  • the ability to skip the part about tearing your hair out and crying into your keyboard
  • know exactly what you need to do to keep your business rocking and rolling
  • instruction
  • action steps
  • coaching and accountability
  • interactive technical guidance

Training Modules

Build and nurture your list

Week 1

  • Client clarity
  • Your message
  • Branding
  • Offer

Week 2

  • Technical Optin Creation
  • Opt-in implementation
  • Auto-responder
  • Sales page

Week 3

  • Targeting plan
  • Social media promotion
  • Email sequence

Week 4

  • Nurturing
  • Sales

This does not take the place of Building Abundance. Building Abundance is an intensive business course that helps you to set up a business plan. Online Marketing Mastery is a “hands on” program that is designed to create action in a 4 week period that will set up a sales funnel, build your list and can be implemented though the life of your business. Because we want everyone to succeed, we are also offering optional paid VA work for the technical work that needs to be done.

When You Join Our THCG/USANA Team  You Get:

  • Credible, professional all inclusive programs set up and ready to go for you to start making money now.
  • Passive Income streams with your online store.
  • The tools, education, mentor-ship, coaching and support you need to become successful
  • High quality materials with your new product partner built right into the sale
  • Health Assessment to offer your clients with a supplement list that fits their needs.
  • Scientists, Business Experts, Doctors – on your team to work with you personally.
  • A community of thousands and thousands of health coaches, doctors, personal trainers and other health professionals just like you
  • The Highest Rated Supplement in the World
  • 100% GMO FREE Products
  • Focused and confident in your coaching business with access to administrative, marketing and facilitation guides, coaching forms.
  • A supportive team of coaches with membership to our unequaled mastermind and support groups so you are NEVER going it alone again.
  • Complete programs to offer your clients with materials, emails, handouts all professionally designed to have you up and running in about 2 weeks!
  • Increased credibility when you deliver and run group online programs like a pro, use custom materials, have a personalized website and e-commerce set up and running smooth.

All of this and more is available just by joining our incredible team with this very special offer!

We challenge you to take one big step forward for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS by joining our team today.

Stop struggling, stop the frustration, and save time so you can start making more money coaching! This is why WE are here.

We want to see YOU change the world, one client at a time.

Ready to change the world?

You can! Join our team to bring your dreams to life.

“I dream of a world free from pain and suffering. I dream of a world free from disease. Share my vision. Love life, and live it to its fullest in happiness and health.”

-Dr. Myron Wentz, founder of Sanoviv and USANA

I think you’re going to be as impressed and excited about working with the company and our team as I am.

But this isn’t for everyone. I don’t want to “talk” anyone into this.  You should do it because you want some residual income, you want to work with a good product and you’d like the extra support that will come from being on our team. I will be personally selecting and working with each of our team members to get your businesses up and running and making money as quickly as possible.


Set up a time to visit.

Secret Alternative…..

Not quite sure? Just want to use the highest rated (only pharmaceutical grade) supplement in the world? You can become a preferred customer. That’s right!  You can still just buy the products if you don’t want to add them into your business. No fees to pay, just sign up here and receive 10-20% off all orders.